Health, Happiness &
 the mind that creates it.

Lecture and Workshop
For your next Corporate Retreat, Conference or Workshop, motivate, educate and enlighten your clients & staff, as to the pain they create in their lives, by the way they think, breathe and move.
Part I - Mind
    Though this interactive lecture and workshop, attendees will lean how to modify their preconditioned response patterns to stress, pain and anger and gain a greater understanding of the power the mind plays in our perception of reality as we know it.

Understand the cause of pain and suffering  and their remedy, by altering your understanding of reality

Avoid and solve interpersonal disputes at home
   and in the workplace.

 - Rid your mind of the stress that lowers
    productivity and moral.

 - Create a calm and peaceful mind ready to 
    learn, love and engage life.

 - Train your mind to focus, increasing creativity,  inspiration and happiness
Part 2 - Breath
Re-educate your body how to breathe into the belly, using an extended diaphragmatic breath. Eastern medicine calls this technique, “Beating and drumming the Qi” and is the basis for stimulation, cultivation and regulation of the mind, breath and body in Traditional Chinese medicine.

Understand the powerful healing effects that proper oxygenation has on the body with regards to;
                                                                                - regulation and cultivation of the respiratory system

                                                                                - stimulation of peristaltic movement through the digestive                                     
                                                                                   tract used to heal conditions such as I.B.S., crones,
                                                                                   colitis, constipation and diarrhea

                                                                                - internal organ massage on liver and spleen
                                                                                - connection to intuitive self 

                                                                                - connection of the mind to the breath through meditation
Part 3 - Body

Learn how the physical structure of our body works to counter the effects of gravity. Through analysis of the mechanics of the human body, attendees will understand not only, where physical pain in the body is created, but how to alleviate it, as well as prevent it in the future.

Lean how to turn back your biological clock through conditioning in;

postural alignment

flexibility of the muscles

range of motion around the joints

strength and stabilization of the muscles
Part 4 - Mind, Breath and Body
Finally, attendees will be led through a conditioning program specifically design to rebalance the mind, breath and body. 
Zen Stretch Moving Meditation 

 Is a perfect blending of Eastern and Western theories of health & fitness. The workout is composed of a series of 81 full range isometric muscular contractions performed in a specific order. By combining deep diaphragmatic breathing with the intense stretching and contracting of opposing muscle groups, Zen Stretch will increase range of motion around all joints of the body, promote dramatic changes in total body muscular flexibility, as well as stimulating  overall muscle tone and stability. 

    Once you have learned the full series of movements, you can take your fitness to the next level by turning your attention inward to your breath and transform your physical workout into a moving meditation. By focusing inwardly on your breath, the outside stresses of everyday life melt away, giving your mind a chance to rest and recharge. For true health and fitness it is necessary to train your mind as well as your body. A mind that is quiet and still has a greater capacity for inspiration, knowledge, creativity  and happiness.

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